6 Biggest Benefits of Erotic Massage


Erotic massage as the name suggests is a massage technique that helps a couple enjoy erotic moments to the fullest. Also known as sensual massage or tantric massage, erotic massage is a great way to restore, reenergize and sensualize the bonding between mating couple. More like a physical therapy, sensual massage requires naked bodies working towards each other boosting their sexual stimulation. That’s the reason a large number of couples perform such massage to each other as a part of foreplay. It is believed that the massage increases personal and sexual relationship between couples.

Benefits of Erotic Massage

  1. Helps leave inhibitions behind: Most people are not comfortable with their body, even with their partner while preparing to have sex. By learning the right technique from a center of erotic massage in New York, a couple can kick the shyness and feelings away. It allows you to be comfortable not only with your body but also with your partner’s.
  2. Improves muscle health: Studies and beliefs mention that massaging brings a number of health benefits. One such benefit is improved muscle health. Massage techniques of different kinds are long-been-known for their support in muscle pain relief. Applying pressure on various body parts relaxes muscle and joint pain, by increasing blood circulation.
  3. Improved erection: Erotic massage also provides better and longer erection in men. Massaging stimulates blood flow to the male genitals, which stimulates and strengthens the erectile tissue for a longer duration.
  4. Help in prostate pain: Prostate pain haunts a large percentage of men. Those above 40 or older are at a higher risk of getting their prostate glands swollen up and experience acute pain while urinating. Erotic massage on penis or surrounding body areas can offer a great relief in this prostate pain. Many salons offering sensual massage in Los Angeles   proclaim that performing tantric massage on a regular basis can alleviate prostate pain and allied health conditions.
  5. Controls blood pressure: Another great health benefit of sensual massage is, it brings down your blood pressure reading. Stroking and massing penis, around thighs, and pelvic regions has awesome benefits in blood pressure management. However, it must not be consider a surefire way to rid of this health condition.
  6. Tightens the bonding between couples: Performing sensual massage on your partner can improve your relationship with them. You and your partner will feel more closed and attached to each other by regular practicing this technique.

However, to get these and countless other benefits, you will need to learn the right technique from an expert of sensual massage in New York, Los Angeles, or whichever in your city or state you live.

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